How to fix ‘Date and request start time are too far apart’ error on ZendServer deploy

If you use zs-client.phar to deploy your ZPKs files into your ZendServer you may saw this error message: Date and request start time are too far apart. I hope you didn’t, because when I googled it I found nothing. That’s why I’m writing this post.

First of all, let me talk about my environment: I have a server running Jenkins for continuous integration and another servers where Jenkins deploys my code. I’d say it’s the most common environment, having different servers to run web applications and continuous integration, then you may be a candidate to see this error sometime in the future.

Having more than one server is the root of all evil the problem. When you run the zs-client in one server and target your code deploy to another one you may face different time configurations on your servers and that’s why this message is shown.

Fixing it

Check the time configuration for all servers involved on your deploy process, from continuous integration server to cluster nodes, to see if they’re different, if so just keep them the same and everything should be back to normal.


To check time for a linux server just type the following command on the terminal:


That’s all!

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